Top Tips for Starting the New Year Healthy


We are always one decision away from becoming healthier, so why not start the new year with a pledge to become healthier! We have six tips to start you on your way. 

  1. Set Your Goals

If your goal is to eat more healthily, start by making small changes to your diet, adding new items and eliminating processed foods one at a time. Set measurable and achievable goals. Focus on the outcome, but don’t forget to enjoy the process.  

  1. Design Your Healthy New Diet

Convenience food or processed food can often provide little nutritional value. It is what its name suggests – convenient. Frozen dinners or fast food may be tasty and readily available, but they can have detrimental effects on your health so try and cut back on your consumption of processed food.

   Practice self-care

It's difficult to feel healthy and rested when you are under the constant pressure of doing things. It's a busy life, but living a life filled with activity and hurry can lead to becoming stressed and feeling burned out.

Give yourself a break by setting aside 15 minutes every day to pause. Self-care doesn't have to be time-consuming.  Whether you're taking a bath, or reading your favourite book, an act of self-care is well worth the time investment.

By allowing yourself to slow down, you'll focus more on what's truly important.

  1. Sit Less and Move More

More than one in three people in Ireland are unaware that sitting down for long periods can increase their risk of heart disease and stroke and Irish people spend on average 7.3 hours a day sitting down.

Enter the new year with a decision to sit less and move more. There are so many places to explore and fun things to do in Ireland, so this is a solution that can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and favourite outdoor activities.

  1. Limit Screen Time

In this busy digital era, it's easy to be switched on and tuned in 24/7. 

You can find you're spending a lot of time watching TV, YouTube videos, and working from home on laptops. In that case, why don't you try digital detox - a period when you voluntarily refrain from using smartphones, computers, and social media platforms.

It's about striking a balance. If you feel your online activities have a positive effect on your overall well being, then keep on doing what you're doing, but if you think you're missing out, it's time to ditch your smartphone and reap the benefits of a digital detox.

The Benefits of Digital Detox

  • Less comparison
  • Give your eyes a break
  • Attention span improves
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • More free time

Stay Motivated

Resolutions are easier to make but harder to implement.  

What can you do to make it more likely that you will stick to your new, healthier lifestyle?


  • Write Down Your Goals

Write down your goals for a greater sense of accountability. Post your goals on your fridge, or write them down in a journal.


  • Make Smaller Goals

With each accomplished goal, you will become more confident and able to take on more challenging goals. If you plan to start running every morning, but you hate running in cold and rain, perhaps begin with two to three runs per week. That way, you can choose to avoid going out on rainy days and still accomplish your goal.

  • Make Your Goals Public

Sharing your goals will make you accountable, so it will be harder to back out. Tell your partner or a friend about your new diet regime, or that you joined online yoga class, and check-in with them to chat about it and make sure you're on track.


Celebrate Small Successes

 Reward yourself for staying motivated and focused toward building a happier and healthier you.


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